You may be asking what do I need to know?

Is the YMCA open for everyone?
Yes. As of May 29th all restrictions have been lifted off businesses and the YMCA is open for
anyone. We are excited to see all our members again and cannot wait to help everyone attain the
personal wellness goals.

How do I enter the YMCA?
Both the Front Door and Side Door will be accessible for entrance. Once you enter the building you
will just need to scan in at the welcome center with your membership card.

Is the YMCA accepting Drop Ins?
Yes. You may try the Y with a drop in fee of $10 and for the month of June we will be doing “Half
Price Fridays”. You will have the opportunity to try the Y on a Friday for $5.

What if I didn’t keep up with my membership? Am I going to have to pay additional fees?
No, we are happy to assist any former members getting back on track. For the month of June
anyone can join back up for just $25 for the month. No extra fees, we just want you to begin your
wellness journey again.

Do I need to wear a mask?
We will not be asking if you are vaccinated or not, but we are asking our members to remember we
still serve vulnerable populations and to follow CDC recommendations. The recommendations allow
vaccinated individuals to be indoors without masks and unvaccinated individuals to continue
wearing masks and to socially distance themselves.

Do I need to make an appointment to come in?
No appointments are necessary. We are open for anyone to come in during our normal operating

Are any areas of the building closed off to the members?
Everything is fully open. The only area that is not accessible is our licensed childcare program.
Only authorized personal are allowed to travel in this area.

Are the locker rooms and saunas open?
Yes, the locker rooms are saunas are open. We ask if you are using a locker to pick up a red
magnet from the welcome center and place it on the front on your locker. We will be sanitizing
lockers and need to keep track of which lockers have been utilized.
Locker Rentals are Now Available

GET BACK, GET HEALTHY, GET MORE– We are celebrating our Grand Re-Opening by offering
the Month of June for ANYONE can join/rejoin and pay just $25. At the end of the month you
will have the opportunity to meet with one of our member consultants and find a membership that
works for you!!
FAQ Sheet