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Lasting personal and social change comes about when we all work together.


Swim team has shown me numerous of things. But it has shown be how a team can become truly one big family!! We are all family on the team!! We care for each other, we will do anything off our backs for each other and we help the little kids out. I remember when all the captains showed me how to swim and how to get to my events and now I am doing that for the younger kids that we have on our team. It’s Truly amazing how well the captains did before I, helping and getting us to step up and help. I wouldn’t want to do anything else!! I will truly miss this so much next year when I can’t do it. It breaks my heart just thinking of it. I will miss my big family that I have made over the numerous of years I have been on swim team!!

-Allyssa Johnson Swim Team Participant


I really think the YMCA is changing my life for the better. Five months ago I decided that I really needed to lose about 25 pounds. In conjunction with much more healthy and very reasonable diet, I began regularly attending two major classes three days a week. The classes were silver sneakers for 45 minutes followed by Swimnastics For 30 minutes, followed by walking in the deep end of the pool for 10 to 15 additional minutes. The exercise plus the positive attitude and created by that exercise, as well as all the focus on healthy living helped me to lose a total of 27 pounds, And I am actually a total of 32 pounds lighter than I was at this time last year. Even with serious arthritis and a torn meniscus in each knee, My knees have been feeling much better most of the time, so I still have real pain and a difficult time on some days. I continue to work on problems in my back, shoulders, and hips, as well. I know that my flexibility is improving in certain respects as is my balance. The instructors are fantastic– Very kind and caring and extremely professional. They allow all of us to modify or adapt exercises as needed. Special note to YMCA personnel: Do you have my permission to use information here in advertising or publicity, but I would like to first approve a particular quotation or piece of a quotation before you use it since some of this is so personal. Thank you!


The YMCA has been a critical part of my health maintenance plan in my senior years. Through the classes at the Y and my own healthful changes to my regular diet, I have lost 30 pounds, and have been able to reduce strain on problematic areas like my knees and back. I have greater flexiblity and strength and feel more positive. I have also met some wonderful people at the Y–the staff members and the program participants. I particularly recommend Silver Sneaker, Swimnastics, Hydrobics, and Enhnaced fitness. The staff members–from the front desk to the class instructors to maintenance–are excellent. They are kind and caring in all respects. They are also friendly, patient, professional, and extremely helpful.


In addition to their help with my personal fitness, I also greatly appreciate the incredible work they do with our community’s children and families. The programs for kids are outstanding, as are the programs they operate at ACES and ARMS. The YMCA is one of our community’s most valuable, most cherished assets.

-Mitch Grosky, YMCA member


I had gained a lot of weight and was looking for a facility that I felt “at home” so I would be comfortable enough to workout. The Athol Area YMCA has been that place since 2008 for me. I love the fact that it is small town enough for me, but has all the latest equipment and staff that take the time to get to know you. I love seeing familiar faces and getting to know people that are trying to achieve the same goals as I am, a healthy lifestyle that starts with a good workout! I am extremely thankful that in such a rural community I have access to the best equipment, staff and resources.

– Annonymous Member


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