-Access to Group Exercise Classes (over over 30 classes to choose from)

-Access to Fitness Center

-Complimentary towel service(shower and hand)

-Free Fitness Quest Appointment for all members

-Access to pool (All open, family and lap swims)

-Discounted program costs

-Access to child watch ($2 per child per hour) or $20 unlimited

-Full locker room w/ showers


-Main Street Gym add on ($4 per month)

-No contract ever!


"I love the group classes. The instructors are helpful and approachable. The other people in the class are friendly and encouraging. All instructors will differentiate for your fitness level and make sure you are being safe." 

"I really think the YMCA is changing my life for the better. Five months ago I decided that I really needed to lose about 25 pounds. In conjunction with much more healthy and very reasonable diet, I began regularly attending two major classes three days a week. The classes were silver sneakers for 45 minutes followed by Swimnastics For 30 minutes, followed by walking in the deep end of the pool for 10 to 15 additional minutes. The exercise plus the positive attitude and created by that exercise, as well as all the focus on healthy living helped me to lose a total of 27 pounds, And I am actually a total of 32 pounds lighter than I was at this time last year. Even with serious arthritis and a torn meniscus in each knee, My knees have been feeling much better most of the time, so I still have real pain and a difficult time on some days. I continue to work on problems in my back, shoulders, and hips, as well. I know that my flexibility is improving in certain respects as is my balance. The instructors are fantastic– Very kind and caring and extremely professional. They allow all of us to modify or adapt exercises as needed. Special note to YMCA personnel: Do you have my permission to use information here in advertising or publicity, but I would like to first approve a particular quotation or piece of a quotation before you use it since some of this is so personal. Thank you."  -- Mitch Grosky