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AMPHIBIANS SWIM TEAM Athol YMCAThe Athol Area YMCA Amphibians Swim Team is an affordable swim team with childhood in mind.

We offer practice six days a week. You choose which day’s work for you.

Practices focus on technique and conditioning while maintaining a positive attitude.

With our team, the sky is the limit! We place our emphasis on learning all the competitive strokes through hard work and encouragement.

We compete in various styles of meets throughout the season with other local teams.

Meet participation is not mandatory,but is highly recommended to show case skills and strokes mastered.

Awards are given for own personal time improvements after each meet.

You will quickly see why our team offers a wide range of swimming options for all children who love to swim, ranging from recreational swimming to intense swimming competitions. You can choose how serious you want to compete. This is your team, where will it take you?

 Swimming is a great cross-training sport


All children 18 and under who can swim 25 yards of the pool, non-stop, without a bubble are eligible to join. Swim team members must be Athol Area YMCA members in good standing.


Not sure if the swim team is right for you or your child? Bring this brochure and you can try two weeks of swim team for free with no commitment required! Then let us know what you think.

Please feel free to contact a coach or the YMCA with any questions.


Sasha Dyer , Jen Potee, Sara Lyman, Dee Bulman