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Consider an Endowment to the Athol Area YMCA

Planned gifts provide an avenue for the Athol Area YMCA donors to impact their communities while creating income, obtaining tax advantages, and providing for loved ones. Please review the brief descriptions below for information on ways you can make a planned gift to the Athol Area YMCA. It is recommended that you consult your financial advisor when considering gifts of this nature.

  • Bequests
    A bequest is the result of careful thought about the good use of assets that have taken a lifetime of work, care, and stewardship to build or preserve. The bequest may be a specific sum or a percentage of an estate that can significantly increase the amount of the final gift.
  • Securities
    Outright gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares) are tax deductible at full fair-market value if the donor has owned the asset for at least 12 months. To avoid capital gains taxes, you must provide the securities themselves, not the proceeds from their sale. Gifts of closely held stock (usually stock in a family-owned business) also carry benefits for the donor. The stock must have been held for at least 12 months for you to claim a charitable deduction at full fair market value. If the deduction exceeds $10,000, a qualified appraisal is required for tax purposes.
  • Qualified Retirement Plan Benefits
    For many people, retirement plan benefits constitute a major portion of their assets. However, such assets can be heavily taxed when they pass to heirs, and over-funding of retirement accounts can result in significant tax liabilities. Charitable uses of retirement benefits can provide benefits to the donor and recipients.
  • Life Insurance
    There are many ways in which life insurance policies can be used to make a gift. Some provide a tax deduction and may enable the donor to make a larger gift than might otherwise be possible.