Athol Area YMCA
545 Main Street | Athol, MA 01331
P.978.249.3305 | F.978.249.4009


Athol Area YMCA phone #   978.249.3305

Athol Area YMCA fax # 978.249.4009


Contact Name                     Position                         Extension

Jeanette Robichaud       CEO & Executive Director                 110

Matt Talbot                 Associate Executive Director (Healthy Living)              180

Megan Shaughnessy     Childcare Services Director  (Y-ACES and Nursery School)              160

Bruce Grant                    Facility Director (Residence Rooms and Maintenance)           140

Dee Bulman                     Aquatics Coordinator (Swim lessons and swim team)         130

Diona Laford                  Member Service Coordinator       120

Pete Stahlbrand       Camp Wiyaka & Family Services Director              210

Vickie Rowe             Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator       200

Nathaniel Martin           Sports Coordinator         170

Tina Richardson      Business Manager       150

Charon Maier           Child  Care Billing and Financial Assistance       220